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phpBB Pre iNstalled & Fully Loaded
Written by Mike   


phpBB Pre iNstalled & Fully Loaded is an open source project based on the popular free bulletin board software phpBB3.  This project was created to allow webmasters to download one simple phpBB3 package but have all of the features and modules already included and loaded in the implementation.  Download only one file but have literally hundreds of modules at your fingertips already loaded and ready to go.


We also have a suite of themed versions of phpBB3 fully loaded to meet the needs of webmasters in different niches.  Download the fully loaded phpBB3 package with the theme of your choice.  Whether you have a sports website, business website or something else we have collected a number of different skins and themes for each industry for you to choose from.  Browse for your favorite theme then download your fully loaded package preloaded with this theme.


Perfect for novice or experienced webmasters our unique packaging system takes care of all of the troubles normally associated with configuration.  No multiple ftp sessions, no questions about whether the module will work with your distribution.  All modules have been tested to work with each release so you don't have to worry.  Just download the package, upload the package and your in business.


Let us take the pain of phpBB3 configuration out of your hands and let you get busy building your forum community.


A super pack featuring the fully loaded mods and all theme packs is also in the works.  This will be one big download so users are cautioned!  Perfect for webmasters who run multiple forums but only want to maintain one install package.

What languages are supported for phpBB Fully Loaded?
Written by Mike   


Our installer covers quite a wide variety of languages. Currently, we support: Arabic, Bulgarian, Bengali, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Devanagari(India), Croatian(Croatia), Magyar (Hungary), Italian, Malay, Norwegian bokmal, Dutch, Portuguese(Brasil), Portugues(Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Svenska and Thai.


By default the English language is installed.

    What themes are available for phpBB fully loaded?
    Written by Mike   


    Currently we have a wide range of themes available and we have tried to cover the most popular industries for our first release.  There will be a super theme pack with all of the themes included but for now each download features one theme.


    Theme categories include;


    • •business themes (investing, mortgages, banking, credit)
      • •sports themes (hockey, football, baseball, soccer)
      • •entertainment themes (tv, celebs, movies, video games)


        We are always adding more themes so please check back regularly if you do not see the theme you are looking for.  Feel free to contact us with your suggestions as well by clicking the contact link in the main menu.


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